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[SHREDZ 4 SUMMER] 10 Tips to help you BURN FAT & GET SHREDDED this Summer

Temperatures are rising and the beach looks more welcoming than ever, which means your clothes are going to be coming off! Are you looking your best?

Here are 10 tips for you to burn fat faster and get that beach bod rockin’!

1.       Caloric Deficit: The basic principle of losing weight, is to consume lesser calories than your body requires, AKA being in a ‘caloric deficit’. The way this works is when your body has lesser calories than that required for energy homeostasis, it responds by decreasing the body’s mass. When you consume less than what you require, your body is forced to tap into its existing stored energy- mostly stored body fat- to function. Remember to keep your protein intake sufficient enough to prevent any muscle loss and as a rule of thumb, don’t go in a deficit of more than 200-500 calories below maintenance.

2.       Increased Meal Frequency: Some real talk- how frequently you eat is not more important than what you eat. Quality is and always will be key- lean protein, complex carbs and unsaturated fats. Eating well balanced meals at frequent intervals throughout the day, however, does help keep your body’s metabolic processes running and elevated for long periods.

3.       Shorter Rest Periods: “When it comes down to fat loss, intensity is the name of your game.” Shorter rest periods and manageably heavy weights is the way to go! Just because you’re in a caloric deficit doesn’t mean you have a reason to train lighter.

4.       Compound Lifts: One of the best ways to recruit maximum muscle fibers is by using compound movements. Lifting heavier weights and recruiting more muscle fibers ensures a better metabolic and hormonal response. What does this mean to you? Faster fat loss.

5.       Don’t crash diet: ‘The juice fast crash diet’ ‘The cabbage soup diet’ ‘The 3-day diet’ Ever heard of these? I call them ‘F- yourself up diets’.  Crash diets require you to consume an extremely low amount of calories- as low as 500 calories a day. Not only does this result in muscle wasting and an unhealthy rapid drop in weight, crash diets lack the essential macro and micronutrients required for survival. No, literally!

This is definitely not a viable long term dieting technique and just makes you end up looking skinny, soft and nowhere close to a ripped beach bod. Don’t do it!

6.       Drink plenty of Water: From detoxifying your body and boosting energy levels to better skin quality- water does a lot of good things for us. Our body is said to 70% water. I don’t know if that’s the most accurate statistic, but I do know we need a lot of it. Drink more water!

7.       Don’t neglect the cardio: Yes, I know it is ‘possible’ to lose fat only by regulating your diet- keto, low carb, blah blah…. Here’s the deal. Theoretically, as long as you maintain a caloric deficit, you will continue to lose fat. But, will cardio help maintain the deficit by increasing energy expenditure, promote better cardiovascular health, boost metabolism, help maintain hormonal levels, help males with better erections down there (yeah bro, it’s all about the blood flow) and simply make you feel refreshed?
Yes. The choice is yours.

8.       Caffeine: I’m not a very big fan of stimulant use on a regular basis, simply because of personal preference and experience. However, here’s some unbiased facts about how caffeine can help you burn fat.

Caffeine is primarily a CNS stimulant and it reaches your brain fairly quickly. Thus, the most noticeable effect is mental alertness. The effect we are concerned with when it comes to fat loss, however, is a boost in metabolism. More than a few studies have pointed out the temporary boost in metabolism that is brought about due to caffeine consumption. However, over time our body is known to get used to caffeine and thus the metabolic boost diminishes. If you’re someone who consumes a couple of Starbucks’ and strong doses of preworkouts daily, chances are adding in extra caffeine will do more harm than good. But, if you’re someone who cycles and periodically uses caffeine, you will see a slight but significant effect.

9.       Eat those veggies: Not only are vegetables rich in fiber and help in bowel movement, but also help you stay satiated and prevent you from binging on sugary snacks every now and then. Vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals and surely won’t do you any harm- don’t forget to add in a portion or two into your daily meal plan.

10.   Be realistic: Not everybody is built the same. While all the hard work you put in does count, your genetics will only take you so far. Embrace who you are! You don’t have to be the strongest most athletic leanest person in your circles to feel good about your health. Feeling and being healthy is a personal choice- make it!

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Happy Lifting,

Shaumik Saha


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